Now that I can post it here, here is some information regarding what occurred with the website and the reason for its outage.

For those of you that do not follow the thread(s,) this post is an update to the "bandwidth limit exceeded" message that was prevalent on the website, as our site was suspended November 2014 due to excessive bandwidth usage, this was due to us pushing a number of terabytes out within just the first two weeks the month.

That being said downloading of ROMs _DIRECTLY_ from this website will be no longer, and we will be utilizing off-site hosting to distribute all releases (future/past) from here on out, currently I am uploading all the releases that were previously on this website to one of our new servers.

For the foreseeable future, all add-ons, themes, wallpapers, etc. will stay in there current form and reside on the website.

I intend on bringing the ROM category back online by the end of the day with mirror links to our new external servers, until then visit the respective threads for all current download links and future updates.